I wanted a simple and obvious name for the website I was putting together for my South Australian Country Fire Service brigade and discovered it is not so easy to obtain a subdomain off the official (or site (such as So I created to use to register my brigade’s website.

Now that I have created it, I am happy to create a suitable subdomain for any brigade in the CFS that wants one, eg. (including

‘Why bother?’ you may ask. Well because:

    * you get an easy-to-remember name for your brigade website

    * which doesn't change when you change where you host your website

    * and looks more professional

    * and is free!

Note: I do not provide you with a place to physically host your website or create your website for you.  You will need to find your own space somewhere for that (usually ISPs provide free space with each account, including Internode and Chariot, who many brigades go with).  All I'm offering is a nice, simple, free domain name for your website.

For example, say your brigade is called Lost Valley and you have a website already and the URL is  I will create for you the name and redirect it to  You can then tell people your website is (or if you prefer) instead.

If you would like me to do this for your brigade, and list it on this page, then please send me an email to: and I will be happy to.

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